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Windows tips and tricks

Matplotlib Tips and Tricks

Here we’ll be looking at a python library matplotlib which is used for plotting data in various ways. We’ll be detailing things such as iterating subplots, different grid specs, and complex labeling. We will not be covering all of the different types of plots that can be done, those can be found in the documentation here.

Super, Decorators, and Combined

Here we’ll be talking about how to use the super method, function decorators, and combining the two. We’ll start off with the super method, and some use cases.

Faster Mapping With Folium

Here we showcase different ways of creating a map with folium, and different attributes of markers and circles. There are many ways to build a map, so don't be afraid to dig into documentation or message me on Linkedin if you need something specific.

Styling a Jupyter Notebook

Here I will go over multiple methods of using css and html to style and prettify your jupyter notebook like my photo below. For use in any html/css scenario I will be going over:

  • alert boxes
  • editing attributes in VSCode
  • css of headers
  • css of blockquotes
  • adding a shadow to an alert box
  • using markdown in a <div> block